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Documentary - Fat Head Kids (The Science of Diet Explained for Kids)


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Apr 9, 2022
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It's a fun documentary made for kids and their parents which explains how human metabolism works. It also explains why diet and exercise advice from the food industry, government, mainstream media, and likely even your doctor, is dead wrong.

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"In his film Fat Head, Tom Naughton demonstrated that much of the official advice about healthy eating is wrong – so wrong that it’s created a record number of kids who are overweight, diabetic, and can’t concentrate in school. Fat Head Kids explains what kids need to know about diet and health by taking them on a journey aboard a biological starship. By seeing how the crew members are programmed to respond to foods, kids learn what makes us fat (and no, it’s not just about calories), how bad food makes “boy boobs," why food sets our mood, and why industrial food causes health problems ranging from diabetes to ADHD. Finally, kids learn how their biological starship was programmed to thrive on the Planet of Real Foods."