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[Archive] [Fronin] Powerful Love Rite

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.
This is the one that got all fucked up the other day.

HEAR ME, SPIRITS! Come forth from wheresoever you may be!

Tieco! Come forth! Tlaco! Be upon me!

May you Enflame my love <NAME> with an unbearable desire for me!

Astarte! Qetesh! I call you unto me!

May <NAME> be overcome with his/her love for me!

Yue-Lao, mighty spirit! Binder of lovers! I call you forth!

Come and tie my love <NAME> to me!

Come to me Aphrodite, Eros, and Himeros! Approach me with your undying presence!

Upon thine power, may <NAME> not eat, nor sleep, nor feel well again until we be together!

Pothos! Pietho! Upon me!

May <NAME> confess his/her burning love of me!

Cupid, Venus, Suadela! Here before me, I beckon you!

Overcome <NAME> with a burning desire for me!

Oshun, Baron La Croix, come unto the sound of my voice!

I trust unto thee, mighty spirits, my love. Make my love feel these effects which I have given to thee! Force <NAME> into submission before me! Be quick, for this cannot wait! So may it be done!

You will notice here that this rite calls on multiple entities related to love from various cultures. Optionally, one may add a personal sigil and burn it after the rite has been said.

Personal Results:

Around the names Astarte and Qetesh, I had a strange feeling of a presence, one or more. Around the name of Yue-Lao I experienced a random gust of wind, a good indicator that spirits have arrived.

As for my crush, she has yet to talk to me about the matter, but I can tell she is acting differently