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[Tutorial] Have Patience, and have fun.

Informative post.


Jun 8, 2021
Hello everyone, I wanted to leave you with some insights of how to achieve Astral Projection, or have an OBE.

Many people fall for expectations for having an OBE, and the main point I want to point out, is to not think of having an OBE. Instead, set an intention and let go of expectations. Built a relationship with your Soul, and Connect with It in a profoundly way. Play with your visualization or if you are having troubles with your visualization, then do an affirmation.

For example: My wonderful Soul, please allow me to experience the Astral plane tonight.

You can express it however you want in your own words. What I do is talk to my Beautiful Soul, and let It know how much I Love this amazing Essence of Light and Energy. One thing for sure, surrender to your Soul and let It take over.

The most difficult approach to this is, that a lot of people want to achieve success fast. You have to have patience, and have fun with the whole practice otherwise, you won't be successful. To have an OBE, may take weeks, months, or years to achieve. It is not an overnight thing. Don't follow other people's techniques. Go with what your own Intuition is telling you, and only than, you will have success. As long as you have intentions, you should at least have one OBE. Do not give up, if you feel the urge to stop for awhile do so, see what it is that's keeping you to Astral Project. Once you see the problem, come back to it, and practice some more.

I am still new to Astral Projection, and I only had a small few, but what I learn is to surrender to The Universe, and my Soul. I let go of any expectations I might've had. So, don't give up, if I can do it, you can too. I hope you found this helpful, and I really hope that you succeed on Astral Projection. We all need to experience this for our Consciousness evolution.

Thank you all for taking the time, and read this. Love you all! Many blessings, and much success!