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Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)


Jul 15, 2021
Hello! Who from here can say that he/she got the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel (HGA)? Performing the Bornless Ritual can help you eventually get the knowledge and conversation of the HGA? I have like 8-9 months since I perform the Bornless Ritual twice a day (or at least once), I also use banish a lot daily (LBRP, LHRP, recently I started implementing the banishing ritual from Jason Miller's book with protection and reversap), use the Isragel invocation, Middle Pillar, prayer, meditate often. At some point, like 2-3 months ago I got the impression that I made contact with the HGA during the Bornless Ritual, at least that's what I thought. Someone mentioned that when you'll get the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel (HGA), you'll know for sure. What are your opinions?