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Merry Solstice!

Irish Bard

Sep 16, 2021
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Solstice Promises
Sun hides for many moons,
Lethargic laps, sets, rises.
Cries chilled to soft moans
Calling solstice promises.

Sun’s light dims, cools,
Fruit and flower dropping heads
Given gladly to the soil
To nurture the waiting seed.

Seeds plot their root paths,
Warming moment, distant, soon.
Shell splits sends twin labyrinths
Climbing branches, digging roots.

Seed's orb opens in dark clay.
Star ignites in the endless void.
Curves, angles, shapes, all geometry
In dancing flames, spiralling wood.

Woods guard the seedling,
Limbs linked in challenge.
Leaf cloaks shed for bedding,
A sacrifice to the next age.

Wood remembers and rejoices
Collecting every solar turn.
Elders nurture new voices,
Rhythm of the returning sun.