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[Rules] Official WF Rules

Relating to official Wizard Forums rules.
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Apr 12, 2021
Alright, so it's finally time to add some rules. Not that we actually genuinely need any yet, just that I have been putting off implementing some moderator tools until the rules were finalized, and I want to get them wrapped up, so I need to set up some rules.

This post is going to be divided into 2 sections: Rules, and Etiquette.


These are the guidelines that you MUST follow. Not abiding by these will result in immediate corrective action being taken against your account directly.
  1. No spamming — Do not excessively post to gain attention. Do not post links to other forums for the sole purpose of promoting them. Do not post links to websites intending to make a sale. Should be fairly obvious.
  2. No malware — Do not post links to, or upload attachments of files/websites/URLs that are intended to infect anyone else with malware/computer viruses.
  3. No prornography — Do not post content to any content that is pornographic or sexual in nature. Remember, this is a PG-16 environment.
  4. Do not attack WF — Do not attempt to, or threaten to hack, DDoS, gain unauthorized access to any part of WF.
  5. Do not attack WF members — Do not threaten any WF member with physical or otherwise grave harm. This includes occult threats.


These are guidelines that you really should follow. Not abiding in these will result in your content being removed, thread locked, etc. Repeated and consistent violations will result in corrective action being taken against your account directly.
  1. Don't be a dick — Behave yourself. Do not needlessly attack, or be overly aggressive with other members. Having a bad day, or problems in your own life does not excuse you to treat people with disrespect and anger. Remember, anger breeds more anger, and no one has as much of a deep, bottomless, eternal pit of burning anger than I do. Flamewars will result in both parties being penalized.
  2. Don't be crass — This includes posting images/video that contains nudity, or posting content that had excessive swearing. Use common sense, if it's an occult illustration that has some demon's bare breasts exposed, that's fine. If it's some shock video like meatspin or some screamer, it's not OK.
  3. Don't troll — What's trolling? Content that is normally not offensive or agressive, but intentionally stupid with the idea of provoking anger, confusion, disgust or disbelief. You'll be warned once for sure. Perhaps many times after that. But it won't be tolerated forever.
  4. Don't be an elitist — WF is for everyone, from the most advanced occultists to people who don't even know if any of this is real, let alone dabbled in the occult. Do not look down on anyone, and do your best to educate rather than belittle or dismiss.
  5. Don't be an anti-occultist — If you are, keep it to your damn self. This website is for discussing occult practices. You may not believe it, and even a little healthy scepticism will be tolerated, and of course, you are free to believe in your specific branch of the occult and not be interested in anyone elses'. But repeated protests on the validity of the occult topic as a whole, or unbecoming attacks, accusations and demeaning disbelief will not be tolerated for long. Have an open mind.
  6. Don't leech — In the future, there will be more protections for content to exclude leechers, but for now, if anyone is found to be taking content from WF and using it or sharing it for personal gain elsewhere, while not contributing equally to WF will not be very welcome here. Even if you are a newbie, do your best to contribute in some way.
  7. Don't be stubborn — This relates mostly to relates to requests and warnings from Staff or senior members. They know the rules and culture of WF very well, and you should heed their advice on matters pertaining to your conduct on the website. Ignore at your own peril.
  8. Don't break the law — Avoid posting copyrighted material, or discussing illegal activities. At best, your post will be removed. At worst, you will be reported to your local authorities.
  9. Please be active — This one obviously is more of a request than something that can ever be enforced, and even if it could, I wouldn't. But please. Be active. Contribute. Post. Not just in other peoples' threads, but make your own, be they questions, tutorials, opinions, debates or even suggestions for the site. We're a young site and we will be relegated into the lost pages of history that no one gives a shit about. Don't let that happen to WF man, we're one of the last few open bastions for sharing occult knowledge.

Corrective Actions​

This is a list of some potential actions that will be taken against your account:
  1. TBA — Not TBD, TBA. These are very much determined. They are just not yet announced.
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