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[Tutorial] Pendulums

Informative post.
Pendulums have tons of uses and here I'll describe them in more detail along with some basic information about how they work. I really struggled trying to make sure I hit all major points without making the post too long. If there's anything you'd like clarification on please don't hesitate to ask.

Choosing a pendulum
Pendulums come in all forms. Different materials, sizes, and shapes. I would recommend going with a metal one, preferably copper. I advise against using quartz, as it’s amplification and fluctuating properties could distort a reading. Go for something that catches your eye. Hold it if possible before buying it and get a feel for the weight and its connection.

Cleansing the pendulum
This is variable to your practice, but some general guidelines are to use some liquid like Florida Water and smoke (tobacco, sage, mugwort) to cleanse it after every use. You can also lay it outside under the sun and moon or wash it in the ocean or river. Pendulums are excellent energy receptors and can hold onto stuff if you don’t cleanse them often.

Amplitude and Current
Some basic information to understand before working with a pendulum is that they essentially react to two forces; amplitude and currents.

The amplitude is shown by how much the pendulum moves. Strong movements = Strong current. Weak movements are indicative of a weak connection or little desire to answer.

The current is shown by the direction of the movement. This varies from person to person but in my own opinion, I believe that items we use for magical purposes should move in a clockwise/counter clockwise fashion depending on their intent. Some items exhibit an ebb and flow of energies as they collect and repel like waves at the beach. We should aim to create vortexes of energy, as that is the most efficient and powerful force. Think of tornadoes, hurricanes, whirlpools. All extremely potent forces of nature that reach their strength within vortex movements. But aside from that, whatever movements you establish as that pendulums movements are what it will use to represent the currents it encounters.

• Divination
• Analysis
⁃ Health
⁃ Object Vibrational Amplitude and Wave Current
⁃ Geobiological
⁃ Hydro
• Energy Transfer via Capture

Always make sure your pendulum has been cleaned and that you've invoked your guides and protectors at the start of a session.

Teaching the pendulum:
When it comes to using one for divination, you’ll find tons explanations. The reality of it is that you as the operator of the pendulum teaches it how it is read. First lets start by understanding what types of movements you can expect from the pendulum.
• Back and Forth
• Left and Right
• Clockwise
• Counter-clockwise
• Diagonal NE to SW
• Diagonal NW to SE

There may be small nuances in the movements but overall, these 6 are really the only ways it can move.
When using the pendulum for yes/no answers, the possible outcomes are usually:
• Yes
• No
• Maybe
• Ask Again (no movement can also represent this)

Now you need to decide what movements you want to use to represent what. Here’s some common mappings for ideas:
Mapping 1
• Yes -> Back and Forth
• No -> Left and Right
• Maybe -> Diagonal
• Ask Again -> Clockwise/Counter clockwise
Mapping 2
• Yes -> Clockwise
• No -> Back and Forth
• Maybe -> Left and Right
• Ask Again -> No movement

Once you decide on a mapping, you need to show the pendulum those mappings. To do so:
1. Cleanse your pendulum.
2. Rid yourself of distractions, get into a clear mind frame, and relax your body.
3. Invoke your spirit guides and protectors. Ask that the session be free of any external influences and present the pendulum as a tool of communication.

Explain that you wish it to be a source of truth and receptive its many uses.
4. Using your mapping, go one by one and do the steps below. Do this for yes, no, and whatever else you decide to use:
- Say what the answer you’re presenting is. eg. “Here is the movement for yes”
- Move the pendulum in that manner yourself. The way that they’re built, it doesn’t require much force to get it moving. Once it starts, let the pendulum take over that same movement as you repeat “This is the movement for yes”. Feel the connection to the pendulum as it swings, feel gravity pulling it towards the center of the earth as it receives vibrations from everything around it.
5. Give it a test run and use method for whatever you want

To analyze places, objects, or people, you can use one of these methods:
• Use the yes/no method you decided on. Do your initial invocations first and ask your guides that the pendulum shows the state of the object using your predetermined movement meanings. If in a location hold it out in front of you. If in a location and wanting a reading on an object there, hold it over that. If just any object in general, same thing. Hold it over. If using a picture of a person, hold it over the picture while seeing the person in your mind. The Circle with Witness asset can be used for this. You place the witness in the square in the center.
⁃ This also applies to hydro and geobiological analysis. You can use a pendulum over stones, plants, animal parts, waters, soils, etc and get a check.
• There are many different types of charts that you can use that have a space for a witness. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can create your own. The important thing is that its realistic to the movements made by a pendulum.

Using Divided Half-circles

In the assets section, you’ll find files titled “Half Circle_”. You can print these out and fill each slot out with a specific thing of a topic. For example, I have one made with 20 career/industry categories that I use to find out what type of work a spirit did, with one slot for none. I place the passed persons picture or name in the witness circle at the base of the graph and ask them to show me what they did for a living if anything. The pendulum will swing towards a slot. Stop and ask to show again. If the same slot hits both times, ask the spirit to give you a yes/no answer on if they did x thing for work.

This same process could be used for anything you can think of. I have a folder with like 10 printouts that I use as my spirit investigation suite. It has graphs for work, illnesses, manners of death, states of mind/being, habits/addictions/emotions, intention/goals, etc. Throughout the session I’ll use various graphs to get a whole profile of the spirit before working them with them further. It’s important to know who you work with. You can also use this to try to help diagnose health conditions although this should be used a replacement for advice from medical professionals.

Energy Transfer
Not going to get into much detail with this one, but say you’re communicating with a new spirit that you may work with in the future. Upon asking them if they want to work with you and be introduced into a vessel/fetish/item of some sort, if they answer yes, take that movement and with your own force keep that motion going. Slowly move the pendulum towards the item as you keep their answer and purpose in mind. Bring the pendulum right to the item and make contact. At that instant, you have transferred that energy into that item.

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Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
Staff member
Apr 12, 2021
Amazing, thank you, @ryen

Can't wait to try this out and I'm sure I'll have some questions when I get into it!