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[Archive] [Romantic] The Basics of Real-Life Vampirism

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
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Apr 12, 2021
Welcome to all curious and knowledge-seeking forum lurkers! My aim here is to provide an easy-to-read informational summary on vampirism. I would simply post links to the informational writings that taught me about it, but it appears they have disappeared from the internet, or have been buried since the days when I last saw them, years ago. When delving into a subject like this, melodramaticism is abound, as well as the (mostly unintentional) disinformation spread by "lifestylers" and role-players. I aim to clear up any misinformation, and lay out all the facts as clearly as possible. Or well, as possible as it is to lay out the facts for anything occult-related. So here we go:

Vampirism is a common trait among people nowadays, even more so since awareness of it has started to spread. There are two kinds of vampirism - sanguine, and psychic. Sanguine vampires are the ones that actually drink blood - and psychic (psi) vampires are ones that feed on the energy that people (and everything on Earth in general) possess. Sanguine vampires are not nearly as common as psi-vampires, as you, the reader, either are, or more than likely know a psi-vampire.

What is Sanguine Vampirism?

When it comes to sanguine vampirism, there's really not much to be said. They feed from actual blood, because they lack the ability to feed from energy like psi-vampires, or that kind of energy-leeching simply does not satisfy their needs. Needless to say, sanguine vampirism can be very dangerous.

What is Psychic Vampirism?
Psi-vampirism, the more common type of vampirism, can be encountered on a daily basis. Psychic vampires feed on the energies of people and other other things. Being in the presence of a psi-vampire can be draining, leaving the victim or donor (in the case of willingly giving up one's energy) feeling very fatigued.

But why do vampires need to feed at all?
There are a few theories, but the most widely accepted (and sensible) one is that vampires have a deficient Chakra system. They either cannot generate the necessary amount of energy, it cannot circulate properly, or they use up energy at a much faster rate than normal. Because of this they have to leech from other sources to replace the energy that they lack.

But where does Vampirism come from?
It is widely believed that vampirism of both types are inherited. However, psi-vampirism can be "developed" from a traumatic event that scars a person, and perhaps damages their "soul" or Chakra. "Psuedo-psi-vampirism" can be developed when a psychic vampire feeds so heavily on a person that the victim actually develops vampiric tendencies to regain their energies. However, once the vampire leaves the victim alone, the victim returns to normal.

Additional Information:
-A vampire cannot "turn" someone. If you hear this, it is wishful thinking by a role-player or "lifestyler".
Edit: My personal experiments have shown that it is possible for one psychic vampire to turn another person into a psychic vampire; however this involves an extremely intricate process that is very dangerous and requires an immense amount of practice, ability and several other things. If someone says they have been "turned" I would suggest you take their statement with a grain of salt, as even though it is possible, it is very unlikely.
-A "lifestyler" is someone who is very attracted to the vampire culture, and will often dress in all black, wear fangs, etc, and act like a vampire.
-Psychic Vampirism is curable, and it is also manageable if the psychic vampire does not want to be cured. I am unsure of Sanguine vampirism, as I haven't talked to any sanguine vampires. That, and many vampires don't search for a cure anyways, because it's not generally encouraged in the "Vampire Community"
-Many occultists and groups have grudges against vampires, as they see them as just leeches. It is not wise to flaunt that one is a vampire, if one is indeed a vampire.
-There does exist communities, covens, groups, or whatever they may call themselves, of vampires. One has only to find them.

Additional thread focusing on sanguine vampires can be found:
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Additional thread focusing on psychic vampires can be found:
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The God-King

Apr 20, 2021
I'd actually like to have a discussion in psy vampirism. Seems there is a lot of New Age fluffy shit floating around the interwebs about psy-vamps. A very popular New Age influencer named "Shaman Durek" (I'm sure some of you have heard of him, if not a simple Google search will bring up enough info) who verbatim said a few weeks ago in a video on Instagram that "psychic vampires don't exist and if your energy is being drained it's your fault because you're giving your energy to other people". Dude is supposedly a sixth generation shaman and doesn't know that the psychic vampires are not only a very real thing, but could also be a very real threat. For someone of his supposed caliber, it's grossly irresponsible to say psy vamps don't exist.

Another New Age pile of dog shit I found is people thinking most pay vamps are unwitting and don't know it so it's not their fault and we can't blame them. Um.....say what? Sure there are psy vamps who may not know what they are but every single psy vamp I've met knew what they were and how to use their "abilities". This junk about them just going about life and not knowing that they are vampires is a lie and does more harm than not. Ok /rant