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Seeking information on "One of Washington's "Adepts"


Oct 9, 2022
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Hey everyone! I'm brand-brand new here, so forgive me if this isn't the correct forum to ask this in, but it seemed to fit.

I love to explore and go down the rabbit-hole of historic newspaper archives and search certain keywords or topics that I have at the time. Tonight, I was looking up hidden symbols and I stumbled upon this article (
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It's very interesting and is about this Master of Occult Sciences named Edward H. Young, who claims to have ancient and hidden knowledge of the Magi and plans to tell all. The article claims that he is widely-known amongst esoteric communities, but I can't seem to find anything about him when conducting research online.

If anybody has any information about this man, I would love to hear about it! Thanks in advance.


Jun 30, 2021
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I totally don't, but ill share what popped up while reading the article, maybe it ill help your rabbit.

The man sounds like he just read albert pike and knows hardly anyone has read it.
The clothing reminds me of nineveh sadrach, another occult writer/translator.

These 2 writers use the translations from their own perspective and in that sense they made it. They got a big following, but to be honest i like the original texts better. Which might have to do with the time these men live/d and the fact that im a woman. It makes my view on magickal life and texts quite different.

In the end they talk about bahai, which is an offshoot of islam. What ive noticed over the years is that most men who studied the occult in the 1920ies were part of masonry or at least studied it and most end up with some islamic ties, like old school 33 degree. The man might have studied with or next to a mason.

Im in europe, but maybe more info is found in his hometown, or research his ancestry maybe there are some hints. Brotherhod of man is also the area of blavatski so maybe look in that corner. Its also the area of the land of Mu and other wyrd stories located in the misty timezone of shamballah...