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[Tutorial] The Adjuration of Metatron — a banishing / protection spell.

Informative post.
1. Facing East, recite:

By the great name of the Father, and to his Glory!
And that of those who stand in his presence,
Athonas Siak Ksas Sabak Kaab Kaesas Ekoe
I call upon thee, O Angel of the Presence!

(The visualization here is of a brilliant and blinding light descending from above and coming to rest just above you)

2. Recite:

By Thy Great Names, Given Thee By God,
By Metatron, Draw for me your sword and banish the profane!
By Dynamis, Bend for me your bow against he that opposes me!
By Chasdiel, Cleanse for me the whole of this place!
By Jael, Cleanse for me the depths!
By Yahoel, Cleanse for me the East!
By Megameidan, Cleanse for me the North!
By Pa' aziel, Cleanse for me the South!!
By Na'ariel, Cleanse for me the West!
By Hadariel, Cleanse for me the heights!

At each stage of the invocation, visualize the appearance of a great angel, composed of naught but pure light and energy, at the appropriate place ( e. g., when you adjure Yahoel to cleanse for you the East, a glorious angel descends from the brilliant light above you and takes shape in the East of the temple, facing outward, sword in hand, guarding against all enmities. Once Metatron, in each of his forms, has taken his places in your space, consider that you are under the protection of the Angel of the Presence, and that in all that is done therein you shall have his aid.

Taken from The Book of Abrasax by Michael Cecchetelli
Sep 9, 2021
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Perhaps with this ritual invocation, I can get some rest from the adversity I've been facing. Thanks for the share!