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Open Request The Book of Sacred Names by Jacobus G. Swart

Someone is looking for a specific book to be shared.


Jan 24, 2022
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As most of you follow stultum pisces alveum, I warmed to the recently reviewed book The Book of Sacred Names.
So, the pdf version that is around does not seem to be a complete book (?)

Pdf specs: 146 pages
Zamaon.plena specs: Print length ‏ 169 pages. bit.ly/42g8ibk
Tibia.plena specs: 524 Pages. bit.ly/3YTT2y9

Has anyone read the book?
Is the pdf version complete?

Now I found that there is also a kindle version :) of the book on zamaon.plena.
Maybe someone h.. it epub version?

The Book of Sacred Names Kindle Edition
by Jacobus G. Swart (Author) Format: Kindle Edition