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[Archive] [The God-King] Preparing to Evoke the Spirit Asmodeus

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.
I am currently preparing to evoke the demon Asmodeus, a King in Hell. The grimoire I am using calls for invocations to be said at the start of every day for 7 days so I won't be able to begin the evocation until next Monday. Will be taking the Ritual Bath after the series finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight (fuckin sue me, I love that show!). Once the Ritual Bath is complete I will then recite the Orisons facing East (if I recall correctly East is the proper cardinal point, will check the grimoire later). I may also read some Psalms aloud from my copy of the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III.

I have the Circle of Solomon painted on canvas, it's a 9 foot circle, which is what most grimoires require. I have my Triangle of Art with the black mirror inside but I won't set these up until next Sunday night. I took my ritual robe to the dry cleaners today, won't be done til Wednesday. I'm re-consecrating my sword and ritual stang using a powerful ritual generally reserved for aerial spirits to consecrate the sword and stang. I may also have a Planetary spirit or two present to keep Asmodeus in line, he's known to be stubborn, even when burning his seal and threatening him with curses and the Conjuration of the Fire.

I'll continue my preparations after tonight's episode of PLL and into this week and weekend. I'll hopefully post my results on Tuesday (I'll have to get Asmodeus's permission first, which can go either way due to his nature). Hopefully all goes well. I have never evoked Asmodeus before and a few of my magician friends who have tell me his is no where near pleasant to speak with and will resist at every turn. Wish me luck as I prepare to undertake his evocation. I'm using this evocation to lead up to what will probably be my greatest evocation yet........the evocation of Amaymon, the only demon to have power over Asmodeus. First things first..........first, Asmoedus. Wish me luck.