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[Archive] [The God-King] The Unforgiven Soul: Ritual

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Chaos Alchemist
Apr 20, 2021
The following is the ritual of the Unforgiven Soul. It is taken directly from the corpus, verbatim, as is. If you read the previous thread you'll read that my friend (studying to become a Druid) and I attempted this ritual and only had partial success. By "partial" we mean that the soul came but we could not bind it. We are going back over our notes and preparations to find out what went wrong but it's most likely due to the fact that we changed a few things around in the ritual to fit our own paradigm. If anyone is going to attempt this ritual I highly suggest performing it as is and not changing things around to fit your own belief system. I should have stuck with my own line of thinking from when I work with GT. Anyway, here is the ritual, presented in full, nothing left out.

The Unforgiven Soul

The unforgiven soul of one who is damned may be conjured and bound
into your service. Such a shade must be summoned and contained
within a human skull. Unlike many rituals, the symbolism of the skull
alone is not sufficient to hold the type of shade that is summoned in
works of black magick such as this. Only a real human skull, bones
which once held the mind, the gateway to the intellect of the soul, can
be used to achieve the desired result. For the containment and power
of this rite to be fully effective the skull must be blessed and consecrated
in dark chthonic incenses into the service of the Witch Gods of the

The spirit that is to be summoned will be a black unforgiven soul of the
utmost evil. One who is forever bound from returning to the incarnate
form for committing many heinous acts in lives long since past. These
are the souls of the damned, sought by the powers of Witchcraft as
servitors to be bound in black rites such as this. Such beings are held in
the lower Infernal realms or bound to the darkness by the hand of Belial.
They may have been held in this state for aeons. Though of human
origin many lose their soul identity, becoming dark entities of the lower
planes. These beings are very powerful, very ancient and despite the
possible loss of soul identity, very intelligent.

With rites such as this the knowledge, bones, sigils and individual
magickal power are often not enough. There is a vast difference between
a soul of Witchblood who wields great power employed through the
artes of black magick and one who walks within the stead of the Dark
Gods themselves. The soul who has undertaken the initiation of the
Path of Ghagiel carries the current of the Atlantean universe within
them. It is through this current which flows through the seals of the
Path, which are forever inscribed upon the soul, that the Witch Gods
and their kin identify one unto whom they will grant their greatest
powers. The evil that is summoned in this ritual when bound to the
death's head is bound by the actual Gods and Demon Princes whose
sigils adorn the skull itself.

Prison of Bone

The skull consecrated into the service of the Witch Gods n'ith their
blessing is marked upon its forehead with the symbol of the Trident of
Witchcraft. Once this initial cleansing and preparation has been done it
then becomes a magickal talisman, a ritually consecrated item, which
belongs to the Witch Gods themselves.

The Blessing of the Skull

In A Clonk Of Darkness,Widdershins Cast;
In The Name Of The First Of The Elder Gods;
She Who Is Hecate, Invincible Queen Of The Dead;
I Summon The Power Of The Great Horned God;
From The Inner Sanctum Of Lucifer's Throne;
The Lord Of The Power Of Darkness Upon The Path Of Flame;
Shall Bless The Bones Of Man;
Manifest Here In Belial's Lands;
Blessed In The Name Of The Queen Of Hell;
Consecrated In The Flame Of The Father's Breath
Bound By The Hands Of The Magus God;
Through Air, Fire, Water And Earth;
Through The Gateway Of My Body;
In Blessing And Binding Into Their Eternal Service;
The Spirit Of The Witchcraft Trident Now Flows.

The skull must be marked with the seals and sigils of the Witch Gods
who will bind the murderous soul. The sigilisation process is performed
within the circle, with martial and chthonic incenses burning, under
the full Godform possession of Lucifer. All three members of the
Witchcraft Trident must be present and the Demon Princes called to
full manifestation with the energy of their gateways conjoined at the
axis of power where the skull is then placed. The front of the skull faces
the Southern quarter and the back of the head faces North.

The mark of the Trident is placed upon the point of the Indigo Eye on
the forehead. The sigils of the Demon Princes are placed near the top of
the head. The seals of their gateways are placed just below the Princes'
sigils. Hasmoday's sigil and gate at the top of the forehead above the
Trident. Belial's at the back behind the crown energy centre. The sigils
and gateways of Lucifer and Uriens are to be placed at their respective
sides. The lower back of the head is marked with the Primary sigil of
Hecate at the position of the Qoph energy centre.
The cross of power is placed at the crown of the skull. This is the point
of binding into this prison of bone for the murderous soul when it is
summoned forth.

[Image: sfDdV2j.png]

Once the sigilisation of the skull is completed by the hand of Lucifer it
must be charged with the power of the void. It is placed into the
manifested forms of the Demon Princes who will increase the flow of
dark magick through their gateways, empowering both skull and sigils.
The energies which flow into the skull flow into the soul of the one who
places it into the manifested bodies of the Princes at their respective
gateways. You are therefore advised to hold the binding skull with
both hands to form a complete circuit through which the influx of dark
energy can flow. Holding with one hand may unbalance the rite. While
not catastrophic holding it with only one hand allows power to
reverberate within the cast cloak of Hecate instead of being concentrated
within both skull and sorcerous soul. Lucifer ensures, through
possession, that no harm comes to the soul of His kin who performs
this work.

Prayers Of Empowerment


I Draw The Power Of Flame In The Darkness;
The Magick Of The Abyss Flows To The Bones Of The Dead;
Through The Gateway of He Who Is First star of witch Gods;
Granted By The Great Demon Prince Of The Eastern Realm.


Through Uriens' Gate In The West;
From The Realm Of The Path Of The Setting Sun;
I Summon The Black Atlantean Mngick Of The Ancients;
Into The SkUII Of Man In Lucifer's Name.


Through The Southern Gate Of Fire;
Of Demon Prince Hasmoday, The Lord of Flnme;
I Summon The Limitless Magick Of The Eternnl Black Void;
To The Bone Into IMich The Accursed SouI ShaII Be Bound.


In The Realm Of The Demon Prince Of The North;
I Open The Fourth Gate Of Darkness;
The Power In Which Flows Now Conjoined To The skull I Hold;
The Black Atlantean Curse Of the Lord Of Denth;
Awaits That Which Is Summoned Forth To BeliaI's Earth.

[Image: JJUEM9d.png]

Due to the nature of this rite the flow of energy through the gates of the
Demon Princes is ferocious but totally necessary to effect the desired
outcome. There can be no half measures in this work. Attempting to
bind a vicious black entity that has the capacity of the human soul to
absorb vast amounts of power, without a properly empowered skull
would be foolish. The resulting catastrophe would have dire
implications far beyond the path of incarnate flesh.
Once the empowering of the skull is complete it is returned to the heart
of the circle. The Queen of Hell seals the power of the void, the Demon
Princes and that of the Lord of Thaumiel Himself into the skull which
is now a ritually consecrated and magickal talisman infused with Black
Atlantean Magick.



Chaos Alchemist
Apr 20, 2021

Prayer Of Ensorcellment

In The Name Of Hecate, Queen Of Hell;
With The Power Of She Who ls Goddess Of All Witchcraft;
From An Eternity Beyond The Worlds Of Man;
Through The Gateways Of The Ancient Princes;
From The Depths Of The Dark Forgotten Realms;
The Will Of Hecate Draws All Forces;
Here To The Heart Of The Circle Gate;
The Open Abyss, Realm Of The Darkest Gods;
To Ensorcell Their Power With That Of The Endless Void;
To The Skull Of One Long Since Dead;
With Thauniel's Fire Encircling This Arte;
The Dark Queen Grants Her Kin;
The Gift Of Forbitlden Magick of Ghagiel's Path;
To Bittd The Soul Of OneINho Is Dnmned;
To Serue For All Time He Who Summons It Forth;
From The Darkness In Lucifer's Name.

Once the ritual is completed the skull is wrapped in crimson silk and
housed in a chest of either brass, wood or bone. The chest must be
consecrated and blessed into the service of the Trident and bear the
seals of the Demon Princes upon its four inner sides. The Primary Sigil of Hecate and the sigil of Lucifer that is the Gateway to the City of
Pyramids must be marked upon the inside of the lid and the base

Summoning the Dead

The field of bones is the gate of ingress, through the planes, for the
damned soul that will be summoned forth to be bound to the now fully
empowered and consecrated skull. It is of no relevance whether or not
a graveyard contains the remains of an unforgiven soul. It is merely the
gateway through which the soul will be brought forth from its bindings
in the nether realms by the Prince of this Earth, Belial.

A dark handled athame of bane with a jagged blade is necessary for
this work. It should be used to carve the sigils of the Demon Princes
and the Trident of Witchcraft upon a black candle which has been
anointed sixty-six times from top to bottom with the oil of a martial
incense in the name of Lucifer.

Path of Flame within the Field of Bones

The mighty Infernal Demon Familiar must be conjured before you enter
the bone field to aid you as you work in preparation for the arrival of
the Gods of Witchcraft. The familiar will protect your ritual from attack
by angry shades. They will be aware of your intentions once you set
foot in the field of bones. The power of the impending rite will be felt
through the veil of time and shades of the Infernal realms will stir other
dark beings from their rest. The mighty shades of the dead cannot harm
one who enters the field of bones wearing the Cardinal Crowns of
Lucifer upon their aura and soul. They will however seek to disrupt
the work attempting to throw the rite off balance with all manner of
unearthly visions and noises. Without Infernal assistance to quell this,
the energy that they generate can reach unbearable levels. It is the role
of the Infernal Familiar to protect your work during this preliminary
phase until you have called the Great Horned Lord of Thaumiel, through
Godform assumption, to full possession.

Before entering the field of bones the Prayer of He Who is Lord of the Dead is given in the names of the Trident of Witchcraft to empower your
incursion between the realms of the living and the dead. Once inside
the graveyard the ritual is opened with the summoning of the Great
Earth Dragon who is called forth to encircle the field, sealing it as a
gateway into the Infernal realms.

Prayer Of The Lord Of The Dead
Upon My Immortal Soul;
I Carry The Mark Of Lucifer's Crowns;
Upon My Brow I Wear the One Great Crown
Of The First Dark Queen;
Within The Body lncarnate On Belial's Earth;
I Stand With The Power Of The Gods;
Of The Dark Witch Trident;
For I Am He Who Walks;
Between The Worlds Of Men And Gods;
Not Living Am I As I Stand;
Here At The Gates Of The Field Of Bones;
Though Of Flesh I May Be In This Body I Possess;
All Ye Who Hear Me This Nigh;
Know The Voice Of The Great And Ancient One;
Who Speaks With Lucifer's Power;
For I Am He Who Came Before The Time Of Man;
I Am He Who Stands At The Western Gate;
When The Last Souls Shall Ascend;
Stand Aside As I Walk Now As King Of These Worlds;
For Though I Walk Through All I Am Bound To None;
I Am The Lord Of The Field Of Bones;
I Am The First Footstep Upon The Incarnate Plane;
I Am The Lord Of Death Who Opens The Path;
Between All Worlds Now In This Field Of The Dead;
Stand Ye All Aside Those Who Know Me As Qayin;
I Have Many Names, I Am That Which Walks;
Again Now Upon The Earth In Incarnate Form;
I Am Lord Of Death, Lord Of Souls;
I Am Child Of Belial In Whose Body All Bones Now Rest;
I Am The Kin Of Hecate;
Lord Of The Dead Who Walks The Path Of Lucifer's Flames.

The Call Of The Great Earth Dragon Behemuth

Through The Gates Of Namaah;
With The Power Of The Trident;
Ensorcelled To The Wiil Of The Lord Of Wisdom;
With The Flames Of The Criss Cross Paths Of Belial;
I Call To The Ancient Earth Dragon Behemuth;
Awaken In The Name Of The Grant Lord, Lucifer;
Awaken In The Name Of The Queen Of Hell, Hecate;
Awaken In The Name Of The Prince Of This World, Belial;
Rise From The Depths Of The Chamber Of Sister Namaah;
With Mighty Coils Encircle This Field Of Bones Great Behemuth;
Wrap Your Body Many Times Neath The Field Of The Dead;
From The Heavens To The Hells;
Through The Centre Of The World Of Man;
I Ensorcell Your Awesome And Legendary Power;
To Set The Dragon Gates Upon This Land;
Within This Earth And Through All Planes;
To Hold Fast All Who Would Try To Flee;
With The Cold Iron Grasp Of The Lord Of Death;
Hold Still All Who Would Resist This Arte;
The Dragon Gate Of Behemuth Opens Now;
To The Realm Of The Damned;
Wtere Is Hidden And Bound All Unforgiven Souls

The skull must be placed, upon its crimson silk wrapping, atop a grave.
The black candle is to be stood on the gravestone or in the grave dirt
and immediately lit once the Widdershins cloak of Hecate is cast. Incense
must also be burned. The four Demon Princes must be called to full
physical manifestation as the guardians of the four Gateways of the
Dead, their power being conjoined to the centre of the circle where sits
the Binding Skull.

Demon Princes Of The Gatezuays Of The Dead

The Gates Of The Ages Become;
The Gateways Of The Ancient Dead;
Guarded By The Demon Princes Of The One Witch Queen;
Their Power Now Conjoined To The Circle of This Dragon Gate;
To Open The Path Through Which The Soul;
Of The Damned Shall Be Conjured And Bound,

The rite is performed as Lucifer Himself in full physical possession.
Hecate is petitioned to send forth the Great King Belial who will seek
out; and return to this liminal in-between world within the circle; the
unforgiven horror that is to be bound into the skull talisman.

The Queen Of The Dead

Goddess Of Witchcraft, Lady Of Darkness;
Great Queen Of The Shadow Lands Of The Dead;
I Call Upon You To Send Forth;
The Mighty Prince Of This Earth;
To The Furthest Depths Of Infernal Realms;
To Break The Seal No Man May See;
To Open The Door No Man May Open;
To A Place Where ls Held The Souls Of The Damned;
All Those Whose Names Are Written In Rofocal's Book;
A Black Unforgiven Horror;
Shall Be Claimed By The Hand Of Belial;
Brought To This Place Through The Gates Of The Dead;
To Be Bound By Lucifer To The Will;
Of The Child Who Utters This Prayer;
To The Trident Of Witchcraft In Hecate's Name.

The prayer of the Dark Lord is given as the skull is once again
empowered by the Demon Princes in the order in which their vast
energy is conjoined at the axis of the circle. The skull is placed and held
into each Demon Prince's gateway with the receiving hand while the
projecting hand draws the symbol of the binding cross three times over
its sigil; marked upon the crown of the skull; with the jagged athame of
bane. Belial will return to the cast Widdershins cloak of Hecate with
the evil, damned shade bound unto His iron will as you perform this
work at the gates of the Demon Princes.

Prayer of the Dark Lord

Through The Aethyrs And The Elemental Power;
Of The Demon Prince Of The East;
I Call To The Lord Of The Darkest Curse;
Belial I Call You To Raise;
That Which ls Bound To The Depths Of Hell;
Here To This Place In The Bone Field Of Man;
Hail To You Great King Belial;
The Path Of The Setting Sun Opens The Doorway;
To The World Of Nightside Power;
Through The Gate Of Death I Summon;
That Which Shall Know Neither Freedom Nor Love;
That Which Is Bound To Hell;
In The Names Of The Gods Of The Great Witch Trident;
HaiI To The Lord Of Ghagiel's Throne;
With Fire I Call In BeIiaI's Name;
As The Voice Of Lucifer Is Heard Beyond Hasmoday's Gate;
In The Dark Realms Of The Unforgiven;
I Summon That Which Shall Rise Through The Earth;
Bound To This Place By Belial's Hand;
Hail To The Dark God Who Is Guardian Of All Witch blood;
At The Northern Quarter Through The Gateway;
Of The Ancient Prince Of This Earth;
Is Power In Which I Breathe In The Darkest Of Magick;
The Skull Of Bone Into Which Shall Be Bound;
That Which Is Brought Forth By The Lord Of Wisdom;
Forever Into The Service Of This Child Of Witchblood Shall It Be;
Hail To Belial The Dark Witch Lord Of The Trident;
Who Delivers The Black Unforgiven Spirit In Hecate's Name;
To Answer The Call Of Lucifer, Lord Of Ascending Flame.

The power of the Demon Princes infused to the skull draws the shade
within it once Belial enters the circle. Belial's approach to the axis with
the shade will be felt through even the overwhelming energy of Lucifer.
At the Nothern Gate, the bi-locational force of the Lord of Wisdom
who is both Prince of this Earth and a Great Witch God of the Trident
will reach a crescendo.



Chaos Alchemist
Apr 20, 2021

Hell Bound
Upon return to the centre of the dark Widdershins circle the grave which
serves as your altar in this black necromantic ritual becomes a doorway
through which the damned soui is delivered to its new residence by
the Master of Ghagiel. The skull must be placed back upon the crimson
silk, the sigils upon it facing their respective Demon Prince guardians.
The soul is drawn into the skull at athame point and bound within it in

Binding Prayer Of Lucifer

I Summon And Bind You Dark Spirit Of Evil And Wrath
For I Am The Lord Of The Demon Princes;
You Are Bound To This Prison Of Bone By My Hand;
I Am He Who Was Once Called Devil By Man;
Bound From The Furthest Atlantean Depths;
Bound In The Name Of The Lord Of Edom's Lands;
For I Am The Horned God Of Witchcraft;
The Lord Of Ascending Flame;
He To Whom The Great Lord Of Death Does Bow;
Bound Are You By The Blood Of Lucifer;
Which Flows In Possession Through These Mortal Hands.

The shades of the ancient dead can be seen and their anger felt during
this phase of the work. Unearthing and binding even a damned soul is
not taken lightly by those spirits of the ancient and powerful dead who
do not rest. Amid the hissing, cursing, rapid and aggressive approaches of the ancient dead; all of whom are held atbay by the Infernal powers
present at this time; the damned soul is bound and sealed into the skull
with an offering of Witchblood. Taken from your left hand this is
dripped onto the crown of the skull and drawn by the athame of bane
across the mark of the binding cross at the crown. The cross must be
drawn from top to bottom, Heaven to Hell; and right to left, light into
darkness in Lucifer's name.

The Prayer Of Sealing The Soul

Bound From The Heights And Depths;
Bound By Light And Dark;
To My Will By Lucifer's Hands;
In Hecate's Name As Belial's Chains;
Now Hold You Forever To The Craft Of The Gods;
Bound By The Four Demon Princes;
Of The Gates Of Eternal Night;
To Be Commanded By My Will;
With The Power Of Lucifer's Flames;
Forever Shall You Serve Me;
In The Trident Of Witchcraft's Names.

Once the binding is complete the skull is immediately wrapped in its
crimson cover and placed within its box. The black candle is snuffed
out and buried in or next to the grave, upon which your altar was set,
in place of the dark soul that was removed from the nether realms. The
Demon Princes must be instructed to return to their resting places any
ancient shades who stand at their gates. All shades and spirits of the
field of bones are now commanded to return to their dwellings. Though
no shade, no matter how powerful, may directly interfere with the work
of one who walks in the field of bones as the Master of the Dead, they
may seek to prevent your departure with your recently acquired prve
through other means. The Earth Dragon is called upon to enflame the
field of bones with breath of Infernal fire. All shades who, in anger of
the ritual which you have performed before them, would attempt to prevent you from leaving shall be devoured by the flames which erupt
from the maw of the mighty Behemuth who encircles the field allowing
you to walk from the graveyard safely and in peace, once your circle is
withdrawn. The ring of Behemuth's flames which holds fast all shades
throughout the gateways of all planes, that were opened within the
bone field, will remain until long after you have departed.

Prayer of the Dragon's Fire

With The Breath Of Dragon's Fire;
And The Blood Of The Horned Hooded Gods;
I Conjure The Circle Of Flames Upon The Behemuth's Back;
Rise From Hell To The Heavens;
Rise As The Dragon, Behemuth;
Across The Earth And Through The Planes;
None Shall Defy These Flames But Hecate And Lucifer's Kin;
None Shall Cross The Circle Of Dragon's Fire But I;
All Are Bound To Return From This Place;
Bound By The Mighty Infernal Flame;
Depart Now To Your Realms;
As I Leave With The Dark Gift Of Witch Gods;
Depart And Be Gone In Fire By Belial And Lucifer's Will;
Then Rest Great Behemuth In The Dark Queen, Hecate's Name,

Servitor of The Dark Gods
Once successfully acquired and bound to the demon skull the
unforgiven soul can be commanded in all manner of tasks on all planes.
The skull itself is addressed and the commands given directly to it once
the crimson silk is unwrapped, unveiling the prize within. The dark
soul bound within is now completely under the power of its summoner.

The above is the ritual in all it's entirety. I do apologize for any typos, grammatical errors or formatting issues. Typing that entire thing took nearly and hour and a half. There is a ritual that follows the above that allows you to use your newly bound servitor to possess someone and bring them under your control, however, I'll leave you to decide what you do with your servitor. If you attempt this ritual I wish you luck and hope that you can succeed where myself and my friend have failed.


Apr 28, 2021
This one sounds pretty hardcore. Where would one even go about obtaining a genuine human skull in the first place, though? That is, without breaking the law. Just imagine having that shit on eBay or something.
I never thought I’d need to use this piece of info, but you can order legitimate bones from boneroom.com there’s a few states they don’t ship to but they sell skulls.