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The Quick & the Dead


Apr 25, 2021
He dies.
She dies.
Everybody dies.
Most pursue magic to avoid this inevitability or at least control the circumstances of said demise. Most priests on the other hand respond to their calling because we are unlike the magician and alchemist, resigned to this change. Yet not so differently we too seek to exert the most control over the outcome.
But what is death, and what does it mean to be dead? Most modern conversations about it present it as both a good and bad thing. It's terrible to die but after you die you _________________ or go to ____________________ and get ______________________ for all eternity.
Now I chose Vodou because it advances the view that humans are spirits incarnate and that death is a change of that spirit's circumstances; a rhythmic rising and falling until the spirit's purpose has been fulfilled or a failure so complete has befallen it as to render the spirit irredeemable.
What is your relationship to death, dying, and the dead?
What are you when you're dead and what becomes of your relationship with the living?
How does this idea that you hold to be true impact your everyday behavior?


Jun 30, 2021
I have had the honor of bringing some to where they need be after death, the last one being my mum in law. Normally i regain myself easily, but this time was/is different.

I knew she had a snake spirit with her for the last 2 years and that she was totally done with following all the strict rules she had during her life. She even said that after death she would seek out the biggest devil there is and tell it she wants to party. And ive seen her party, so i know what she ment.

It was also the first time i had to do this in an islamic traditional setting and me being a woman somehow created a lot of hate.

I found the 40 days of mourning very confusing. Seeing memories/parts of her leave. But i also got all the views you mentioned as optional truth, but never the truth of where she went. In other cases i knew where they went, so this is a bit strange, but understandable.

I used to think i go do this or that after death, but now that i have experienced such a mysterious way of passing, i think leaving it a surprise is quite a cool option.