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[Official] WF Ranks & User Title Ladder

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Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
Staff member
Apr 12, 2021
Here's a brief run-down on the ranks of WF as the are now. I'm making this to help you understand our somewhat esoteric and cryptic rank titles.

Custodian: Administrator, essentially. It's going to be me for the forseable future. This is a full site admin with full access. Main job is to ensure the website is functioning smoothly.
Librarian: Assistant administrator, can moderate the entire site, and help out with certain admin-related tasks. Main job is to ensure the community is growing peacefully and take care of minor/recurring administrative/clerical duties.
Adeptus: A subject matter expert who can moderate occult related content on the forums. This includes moving topics from the wrong sections into the right ones, and closing topics that have descended into a flamewar/shitfest. Main job is to ensure discussions are organized, civil, and troll+spam free.
Archivist: An original WF member or dedicated and active new member who's main job is to transfer content from the archived copies of the old WF to our site.
Benefactor: Someone who is financially supporting WF 4.0. Currently this is just a placeholder rank as I am not looking to make any money off the site, and have not set up any sort of payment methods yet. However in the future, as the site grows, I think it would be beneficial to allow users who want to support the site financially to do so. I have already spent a significant amount as a capital investment in the domain, forum software and hosting, which I'm not looking to recuperate, however as the site grows bigger, and hosting costs increase, I may allow donations to help support any major costs I'll have to offset.
Registered Member: You, me, everyone.
Banned: Members who've broken the rules one too many times.

User Title Ladder:
This is what you see under most members' usernames (some members may have the ability to change this, so this will not apply in ever case)

Visitor: 0+ posts. Every member starts with this user title.
Neophyte: 5+ posts.
Apprentice: 50+ posts.
Zealot: 100+ posts.
Acolyte: 250+ posts.
Disciple: 500+ posts.
Apostle: 1000+ posts.
Magister: 2500+ posts.
Magus: 5000+ posts.

Donators and Staff Members can change their user title. Perhaps other ranks will exist in the future that can also do this.
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