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[Help] What are your diets/diet guidelines for weight loss?

Someone's asking for help!


May 10, 2022
Forget about diets, think about changing your lifestyle.
Because diets are "short bursts" you do to lose a lot of weight at once, but this isn't healthy at the long run and it might not work as well as you think.

It is common for many to get back the weight they lost after a diet.
Your focus should be on changing your lifestyle, something more slow and controled, but that will endure the rest of your life.

I did so by starting IF(intermittent fasting) 2 years ago.I did not exercise(much) but through IF alone(and drinking the appropriate amount of water for my body weight) I lost +or- 10kg.
And since this is part of my lifestyle, I've learned to not overindulge with food, just eat what is necessary to feel moderately satiated but not full.

Recently I started to focus on developing calisthenics skills and doing more functional training in order to firstly, develop a healthy body that will last my whole life, and secondly, develop the type of physique I want.

So yeah, you have to change your lifestyle in order to have it work for you.
Just remember, not everyone can or should do IF, always check with a doctor if you're able to do it, specially if you take medicine.
I agree with this: diets backfire

just starting the intermittent fasting & it looks promising
May 13, 2022
Years of sedantry lifestyle has made me quite the chonker, I'm afraid to admit.

I don't eat a lot, but when I do it it's to make me feel better, so a lot of comfort food, and junk food. Even when I cook for myself I use a lot of oil and butter and shit. Tastes too good.

I used to run, but these days it's too hot, so I've started indoor rowing, which I supplement with some weight training. Nothing crazy, just enough to stay somewhat fit and capable.

But diet really is the key to weight loss, so I'd appreciate any diet tips, inspiration, meal prep plans etc.
I find what works for me ( I also live a comfortable, lazy lifestyle.) Is to cut down on calories from sugar obviously, and white breads and rice and other carbs.
Weight loss really comes down to doing more activities and consuming less calories.

I have evoked sartmulu a mars spirit from Konstantinos book summoning spirits for help with the willpower required. I've also employed President Marbas for assistance with shape shifting to a lighter form

My results however have been at best marginal