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Author What are your opinions on Jason's Miller occult material?

Discuss, critique or review an author.


Feb 10, 2022
The admins don't tell about the details. There was a problem with the old certificate, that's the only thing I know. Since they don't want anyone to help them fix the problems, the members can't do anything but wait - yet they promise it will be back some day. It's sad that the forum is shut down for so long, but I guess some of its members have come here to wizardforums ... ;)


Feb 23, 2022
jason miller is an author, of course, but has a website where he runs courses - he has $700 course on Hekate, available at 3 levels. i'd so love to do it, but its a little too much $$$ for me at the moment.
when hekate graciously makes herself known to me, i will find the money, as i have admired her from a far distance for a long time.

by the way, Jasons Books are very general, with a lot of fluff, but occaisional nuggets.
eg he mentions the sorcerers ladder in sorcerers secrets which i like alot.
i have his 'consorting with spirits' which also is a great read.


Sep 14, 2021
I don't have any of his books so I don't really have an opinion. I remember following him back when blogs were a thing and I was desperatly trying to get somewhere in my practice. Those days are long since past. The trouble with Studio Arcanis really has nothing to do with Jason Miller. I do know that they took some oaths or something when the forum was up. I actually tried to resurrect the forum using a group sigil and chaos magick. I figured if it was just some ones personal issues they could be magically fixed. They still have a mostly inactive facebook group.