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[Archive] [Wylandriah91] My Witchy Life Tips.

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
Staff member
Apr 12, 2021
Ok. So I decided that it might be a cool idea to share how I live my life and incorporate magic into everyday situations, just for anyone interested, newbies maybe looking for tips, whatever.
I'm a bit of a sickeningly goody two shoes type witch, but I have a nice life that's steadily getting better and I just can't imagine wanting more than that, so here's how I do things.

1. Look at everything like it's spell stuff. Become a hoarder (within reason).
Whether it's a pen you stole from somewhere, blank pages you tear out of a particular book, or bright ribbons from a top, think about it's potential significance. I think about the lighter or matches I use to light the candles. I'm a bit of a purist and I don't think it suits everyone but I find it adds something to my feeling of connection to the working.
I keep everything that isn't pure junk. I pretty much have half a room dedicated to spell stuff, not including altars.
(related, if anyone has a cool idea for the use of a sheep's skull let me know)

2. Get out in nature.
Simples. I live in the countryside. Do that if you can. Just quit your life and move. I did it, 10/10 would recommend. If you can't do that, surround yourself with living things. Plants, pets, rocks. Stuff that gets infinitely smaller as you look at it. We need texture to counterbalance plastic and screens. Grow herbs on a window. Take up outdoor pursuits, join clubs and carpool if you don't drive. There is so much more power in nature than you can generate on yoir own.

3. Every surface is magical.
I have my own wierd feng shui that I do around the place. I have my perfume bottle collection that's also an abundance altar. My rock collection aligned to distribute energy around the room. My outright, obvious altar complete with silver goblets (€5 each in a charity shop... Think it was oxfam). Just go for it.

4. Energy manipulation can be done anywhere. Just practice.
That is all.

5. Send out good vibes as much as you can.
Think about people you love. Think about things you can target with energy to improve things for everyone. Be generous with your emotions. Love the world. You get it back. This doesn't suit those who want the big things in life but it is a happy life.

6. This one's just me but if I had my way everyone would be doing it :p
I'm working on being as self reliant and sustainable as I can be. Slowly. Atm that means living in an ordinary house with a veggie patch and a job, but eventually I want it to mean farming and selling produce and magical products as my whole job, including candles made from beeswax. It's the dream anyway. I reckon it's achievable. I'd also like to start a magic school but that's extra stuff :p