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Market Rules and Guidelines

You must read this before participating in the sections within The Bazaar, or conducting any sort of business or financial transaction on WF.

For Sellers:

  1. You must be a Vendor (upgraded user account) to conduct any sort of business or paid/financial transaction on WF. This does not only apply to posting in the Bazaar, but anywhere on the site, including your signature.
  2. In order to sell any service or receive payment for any service, you must make a thread in the Market section. You may not solicit or offer any services that you have not made a thread for.
  3. Each type of service must go in a seperate thread. For example, you can have multiple levels of Tarot readings offered in one thread, but if you wanted to offer spell work, that would have to be another thread.
  4. You may not link to any website that offers services or any other type of business anywhere on the site, including your profile and signature.
  5. You may not scam or take advantage of WF members

For Buyers:

  1. You must only do business with those who have a Vendor tag active under their name. If someone who does not have a Vendor tag solicits you for any transaction, you must report them to an admin.
  2. For your own safety, conduct all business via PMs on WF, and do not take business or any communications related to any monetary transaction off site (emails etc). If a Vendor is persuading you to do this, report them to an admin.
  3. Use common sense, and do not be pressured into making any transaction that does not seem 100% secure or seems like a scam.
  4. If you feel like you've been scammed, or if you feel like you want to leave a review for a Vendor, you must do it in the Disputes and Reviews section. Replies in a Vendor's Market thread are only for discussions about the nature of the service NOT for reviews/disputes.


  • These rules are subject to change without notice, and it is your duty to stay aware of them.
  • Not following these rules may result in your account being banned without any warning.