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Memphis Rap Sigils & rap.mp3


Mar 6, 2023
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Has anyone done any research on Memphis Rap Sigils and the rap.mp3 conspiracy?

Supposedly rap sigils are recordings that took place with a murder victim in a room, or they can be an audio recording of a murder, chopped and screwed into a beat and to create the sigil you go to the spot where the murder took place and rap over the beat. Listening to the song supposedly charges the sigil. Whatever the logistics are required to create one, whether they're real or not... I dont know much about them but its definitely an interesting rabbit hole to dive down.

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In the same vein "rap.mp3" is supposed to be an audio file found on a young murder victims phone thats said to have captured his death... apparently this rap.mp3 is sampled in every mainstream pop song since its discovery.

Any one have experience with musical sigils or know how this fits into demonology?


Aug 24, 2022
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The music industry is an entire rabbit hole to go down in. I watched a long video about how a lot of famous singers were
being assassinated at their peak, because the way it works the record labels get crazy insurance money, payments, royalties etc..
For an extended period of time. Nirvana's label Sub Pop made like 8$bn in 2018.
I'll try to find the vid. Morbid but very interesting stuff. Also I watched a video called "the curse of led zeppelin".

Another thing, I was listening closely to a Smashing Pumpkins song, I have really good headphones & it was lossless audio, I noticed there was some sort of strange whispering, talking, odd noises. It was "Quiet" in the Siamese Dream album. Near the very end.
There's a lot of esoteric easter eggs hidden in a lot of these music bands, and embedded subliminal messages.
One of their songs in that album is literally titled "Soma", some term I've heard a lot recently, has to do with sacred secretion process
of the christ oil in the brain. It ties into the hermetic philosophy & alchemy. Super interesting shit and priceless knowledge. Check out
psycosmos on YT that's where I first learned about it from.

What would the goal be when creating these music sigils? To harvest psychic energy? Place some sort of hex?
I listen to a lot of memphis stuff, real phonk (not drift phonk) was developed from memphis. $uicideboy$ always use triplet cuts and kicks
in their songs, one of their songs is titled "Sleepy Hollow (Slopped & Chewed)" lmao.
& Yeah I literally have a playlist of phonk/memphis that flows perfectly with an evil aesthetic / spooky theme.
I can type out the order of songs for you here if you're interested. I just made it the other day,
personally it's seriously amazingly good lol.