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Misala Oil


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Sep 27, 2021
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Peace of Mind oil

Or (as I really call it) : MISALA

Recently I felt a need to create a banishing / removing of negative energy candle spell. Yes, with a (skull)candle and yes with Dragon's Blood incense, but the extra added yazatazadoo is this oil.

For convenience I used herbs that I have in my yard and that I know are also used for cleansing. The recipe is:

1 large Mint leaf
1 large Sage leaf
1 large Laurel leaf

Just as in the English, the first two letters of the Dutch names can make the word MiSaLa (or salami..) I just like it as a name and think it has a kind of “mystical” sound, it's similar to the name for the Catholic book of prayers but (apparently) also is a Sanskrit word for mixture.
I then read a bit on these herbs – to justify the choice / boost the confidence in the power / understand their lore.
Kinda interesting.

is believed to get its name form the nymph / priestess Mentha who was transformed into the plant by Proserpina / Persephone. The scent of mint is said to give courage and flying bugs don't like it one bit.

gets its name from the Latin word for safe / unarmed. There are many different kinds of it, and although this too is said to be an insect-repellent, mine (the normal “salvia officinalis”) is home to a family of beetles and some ladybugs.

is connected to the Greek nymph Daphne. She called on Gaia who changed her into this plant to protect her from Apollo's “love”. In old Latin the plant is called “daphne” and a grove of laurels is called a “daphnon”, but another name for the plant is “laurea”. The names seem to be giving different points of view of the same story. Laurel became the wreath of Apollo and is connected with victory.

So in these three herbs we then have

Repelling – Safety – Victory

Let's Witch it up.

First take the three leafs and arrange them in the form of a triangle ( / the Mitsubishi logo..). These are three but about to become one. Point to or touch the Mint leaf and address Mentha. Think of her power to bring courage and to keep the unwanted (insects) away. Vibrate MI.

Trace the line to the Sage. Maybe make the connection with wisdom, but definitely think of the meaning of Salvus (safe). Vibrate SA.

Trace the line to the Laurel. Now feel the confidence of the winner and think of the wreath of laurels. Vibrate LA.

Take the three leaves, chop them up very finely, place them in a small jar and cover the mixture with olive oil (so.. just slightly cover the herbs instead of adding a litre of oil). Leave this on your window sill for at least 2 weeks so that the Sun and Moon can both do their magic and the properties of the individual herbs become one in the oil – unless you immediately need it!

When you are going to use it:

Take a tea light, and with a nail (or a splinter of your enemy's bones or the masonic sword of your grandfather or anything that can scratch symbols into a candle) carve the letters (or a sigil or whatever you prefer) to represent the person or idea that you want to remove from your surroundings so that you will regain your peace of mind.

Then dip your index finger in the oil and use it to trace a cross in a circle on the candle.

With this Spell
I now repel
You are unarmed
and can cause no harm
Victory belongs to me
with this charm