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[Tutorial] Recycling tealights to use the tin for a talisman

Informative post.
Sep 9, 2021
1. Take the used tealight and a pair of tweezers.
2. Gently pry the tin back from the candle about 1/8 inch.
3. Gently secure the tweezers on the wick and pull straight out. If it doesn't come out on one try, then gently from underneath the tin, press finger up from the base.
4. Pull the used wax out of the tin, remove the metal wick plate and wick with tweezers
5. Discard used wax in a dedicated container for used wax.
6. Press the open end facing you down in four corners so relatively flat.
7. Take tin and place upside down, so the base is facing you. Hammer it until flat.
8. Take a sharpie or paint and put the seal or sigil on the talisman. Draw a circle around the sigil to contain energy in it.
9. Pierce a hole at the top so that it can hang from a necklace when appropriate.
10. When not in use, wrap in appropriate colored cloth or bag.