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[Official] Submit an Off-Site Vendor for Review!

An official request, or post by staff acting with authority.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
Staff member
Apr 12, 2021
As you may have noticed, this section does not allow you to make your own threads. The reason for this is that there are many ways to exploit this section for people to advertise their own websites, stores or those of their associates and simply bypass the Market system with Vendor verification.

As such, on this thread, you can submit any instagram pages or websites which you use to buy occult services or products, and I will verify manually and post a thread for them, where others can see your review and corroborate.

Do not use this thread to post a review or endorse, only to submit them to be considered to have a thread where you can then post a review.


  1. You must use the format below when submitting
    You must accept that to the best of your knowledge, these websites/vendors are not a part of WF
    You must never use this system to promote or endorse any website/vendor that you run or are affiliated with

Copy this and edit it and then post below:

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