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Summoning or evoking Celtic deities

Sep 9, 2021
Hi all,

I have been trying to research Celtic deities and their history. With Norse magic being so huge right now, and due to the relationship between the Norse and the Celts, there must still be magic to the Celts if there is still magic to the Norse.
So, my question is much like Stephanie Connellys (spelling?) book where you break down categories such as directions, incenses and oils, plants, trees, animals, etc; I am trying to do this with my only guide being DJ Conways book Celtic Magic, but in the process am fleshing out a tree of life Celtic version, and have wrote a couple invocations, one to Ogmah and one to Danu.
Where I am stuck is if I am making contact, how to properly evoke them without offense, or if I should simply stick with invocation and spellwork (I follow Raymond Bucklands Spirit Communication and Complete Book of Witchcrafct as well as Kraigs Modern Magic as daily lesson readings. I am currently flirting with Quareia as a magic channel or current as well.
If I can make contact, I guess my next step having undeveloped clairvoyance or clairaudience, to keep contact and filter out parasites/imposter spirits. My next thought is pulling my Irish and Scottish ancestors to me to help fuel magic, learn more about them, etc.
Then ... this brings up my broke basic ass, my shared living situation and other such niceties such as how many altars should be erected that my cat wont destroy.

Just a few questions.


Meme-y Tree Nymph
Apr 17, 2021
I've worked quite a bit with the Morrigan and Brigid before, albeit very informally. (My dad's side of the family has been Celtic Pagan for a long time and still is) Though I'm not very well-versed in the external ritual side of it, I'd be happy to try and help as much as I can.

What are you trying to accomplish exactly, when it comes to evoking them vs. communicating? Often you can simply reach deities on an astral plane, where the same goal of their presence is achieved without the external requirements evocation has. This may also be easier for you to do, possibly.

When it comes to evocation, though, in my experience they don't seem to be super needy outright. The more you can do the better, probably, but I've managed to bring the Morrigan over by simply concentrating on an artwork depiction of her. What is a must, however, is the proper amount of respect and gratitude. Be polite, as well as honest and genuine in your approach. That will honestly get you much farther with the Celtic pantheon than any hollow pomp and circumstance ever will. Learn about them, walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Respect nature, because nature spirits and the fae are very closely tied in with them. Offerings are fine too, doesn't have to be big or conspicuous. It can be food, booze, lots of things. Of course, different gods may like different things, and that can be worked out. One thing I like to do for food if I'm going to leave it out, is put it in a plastic baggie, so as to not attract ants. Or use something that wouldn't do that, such as dry oats or spices.

Doing ancestor work alongside this would also probably be a great idea. You may also possibly be able to get help from the deity of choice on that, which would be great.

Of course, this is just a very general overview of advice. Every deity is different, even within a pantheon. I'm also no ordained Druid, so don't necessarily take my word as gospel. But good luck, and lemme know if you've got any more questions! :)


Aug 30, 2021
I followed teachings from The Order of Druid, Bards and Ovates out of the UK, formerly headed by Philip Carr Gomm for the Bardic Grade.

I'm hearing you have a bunch of tools from various traditions, and are trying to figure out if you can use them with the Celtic pantheon?

But you don't need altars to commune with any of these deities, they are slose and all around you already. My Gwersu (lessons) wth OBOD never once talked about setting up altars. I don't know if the Ovate or Druid grades do though. At first, there's a much stronger emphasis on your inner work, knowing yourself and why you are the way you are. The more you connect to yourself the more you will build your senses and trust of your intuition. And you need these before going into the Ovate and Druid work.

What they do talk about is finding a grove. A grove is a space among trees, in nature ideally, but in your own inner space in the astral if you can't get outside. It should have a well managed fire in the middle, but a candle will provide the element of fire as well. This is your sacred space, this is where you call in the directions and commune with the deities. It's where you find out your relationship with deity and grow through contemplation.

OBOD have an extensive website with many interesting articles on the 8 celebrations, as the Celtic... religions were very celebratory and the marking of the turning of the "wheel of the year" is important... and both historical and modern views on deities. It's all very visionary and tool free. It's nothing like Gardnerian witchcraft and they are not really related.

You go to your grove in vision (as Josephine McCarthy would call it) or in person, get into a meditative state, and the entity you had in mind all along will come to you. Have a conversation as if you evoked them. This is why it's cosidered more of a shamanic than a ceremonial practice. It's easier (I think) than ceremonial magic, but it strips away all the focus tools and distractions both, leaving just you as your raw self and the dieties.