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Product Offering Table of Praxis

Someone is selling a product.
In my opinion (and nobody has to agree with it) a Table of Practice is a disk / table that is a Seal + an altar. Depending on how elaborate your Magickal Practice is, this Table can even be as small as a coaster. To me, a simple wooden disk of about 4 inches, with a Seal engraved into or painted on it + 1 additional feature (like incense holder) makes it into a an altar that is a complete Table.

An example that I have been using for a year or two is my Triangle. it is simply engraved into a wooden disk and at the tips of the Triangle are places for candles and incense. Last year I reasoned my way into looking at this symbol (a circle in a triangle in a circle) as the Seal of Sirach - the Duke from the Grimorium Verum. And I still think of it this way.

Another example is a wooden coaster into which I engraved the Star of David, made two holes for incense and painted it. To me this is not "just" an incense holder, it is my Table of Practice for when I call on Gabriel.

I like making these things. The designing but also understanding the reasoning behind the symbols and Names used.
Not too long ago I discovered some odd mistakes in the pentacles of the Greater Key of Solomon. I corrected everything that I could and made 7 Pantacles from this.

Here is one I made recently, which is a true Table:


This is my version of the Mercurius Pantacle.
The description of it can be downloaded here:

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This one is painted by hand, 14 inches, it is a table with 4 legs and not for sale. If it was it would cost 100 euro.
But it should give you an idea of how and why I make these this way.
The designs obviously also work on mirrors.

If you are interested in something like this then DM me. Prices will depend on the way the design is to be made and applied.