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Product Offering The Tarot of the Golden Serpent

Someone is selling a product.
Greetings Wizard Forums, I am now selling my Tarot of the Golden Serpent card deck on WF!

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If you are interested, you can purchase a deck at The Game Crafters website for $46.99*

Here's a glimpse of what you'll be getting:

The Tarot of the Golden Serpent is a complete 78 card deck, plus a title card, based on oil paintings which I created from the years 2009 to 2023. These highly detailed and symbol rich cards are 3.5 x 5 inches (89 x140 mm), printed on 12pt. 320 gsm card stock with protective UV coating. The cards also come in a flip top box sealed in plastic, protected by a sturdy shipping box. This deck does not come with a descriptive booklet.

Here are some samples of what is within the deck, though they are not formatted as card designs:

I The Magus


The Queen of Wands


The Six of Swords


XXI The Universe


To see all of the images that come in the Tarot of the Golden Serpent deck, please browse my dedicated Deviant Art gallery:

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If you have any sales related questions, please PM me per the WF site rules.

I am currently creating a separate journal to explore the symbolism and creation history of the Tarot of the Golden Serpent, so stay tuned.

Please enjoy and thank you for your attention!

*PLEASE NOTE: The list price does not include tax, shipping and handling. Also take note of any customs fees if you do not live in the US. TGC is a print on demand business, so there are no stock limitations. Your purchase will go into a production queue and you will be notified by them as to lead time and shipping.


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Sep 27, 2021
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Get this deck.

I have been using it since late December and absolutely love it. The details and the occult knowledge in these cards is amazing, and it really covers everything.
The inclusion of the subangles of the Enochian Elemental tablets is sheer genius for instance, and it allows the deck to be used beyond divination.

Also, the way the images are set up: with every card it's like your entering a room - or a temple.

This is one hell of a project. Fourteen years!
Awesome job Hyena.