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[Site Announcement] Wizard Forums 4.0 Launched!

Official Wizard Forums annoucement by staff.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
Staff member
Apr 12, 2021
Hi everyone,

SkullTraill here. It's with great pleasure I get to announce the re-launch of WF. WF's story been a long and gut-wrenching tale of abition, drive, success, failure, perseverence, disaster, bitterness, accusation, more disasters, exodus, patience, steep costs and expenses, blood sweat and tears, and finally this rebirth. The story goes on and it is up to you all to rewrite it.

I'm hoping those of you who used to call WF home will return once again and continue to contribute under the new management.

I'm hoping those of you who have never heard of WF will join us and contribute your wisdom and knowledge to grow WF.

I'm hoping those of you who had disagreements with the previous administration will give WF another chance.

But most of all I am hoping to make WF 4.0 a warm and welcoming home to occultists of all levels of expertise, and from all walks of life. Those of you who have been around the block know about my dedication to WF and it's vision for many, many years. You know how much time and money I've invested into CotI once WF collapsed, and now how much patience and effort went into relaunching WF. So I really do hope you give it a chance.

As always, I will not be involving myself in occult matters or discussions too much. My role and my duty to WF (and CotI) has always been and will always be to provide a platform for all of you to share your knowledge, wisdom and opinions, and a strong community from which you can seek guidance, rely on for support and learn from.

I will be making a few more threads in the coming days with more information on the site, tutorials about the new features we have, and guides on how you can help WP grow and help us return to our former glory. This will include a plan to help migrate data from the old WF using the Internet Archive's WaybackMachine.

Thanks everyone.