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Social Honor These awards are neither given automatically, nor by the administration of WF. These awards are given by nomination from the community, and then approved by a member of management.
Someone who goes out of their way to help others.
Total awarded: 3
Someone who always shows kindness and empathy towards other members.
Total awarded: 3
Someone who makes you laugh and has a great sense of humor.
Total awarded: 0
Hard Working
Someone who clearly puts in a lot of elbow grease around here.
Total awarded: 1
Someone who fights for what they believe in, and is prone to winning arguments.
Total awarded: 1
Someone with a lot of experience, and good judgement.
Total awarded: 2
Someone who thinks out of the box, and comes up with creative new ideas.
Total awarded: 2
Someone who is classy, well-mannered, and knows how to behave.
Total awarded: 1
Someone who others look up to.
Total awarded: 0
Someone who's posts are always worth reading.
Total awarded: 1