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[Archive] [Absinthe/Euoi] A hoodoo Jinxing Jar

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
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Apr 12, 2021
This is the use of a jar to curse you enemies.
You will need cayenne pepper, vinegar, garlic, graveyard dirt, a picture of your enemy, and five pins.
(You can work with specific spirits, but this can also be done on your own. When I do it, I prefer to work with the demons Eurynomous or Tezrian, or the folk saint La Santa Muerte)

Begin the ritual with a preliminary purification. Do this by taking a bath infused with salt or hyssop, also by fumigating the space with sage and sprinkling salt around.

Take the bottle and say:
This is my enemy's life, his prison. It shall contain him and all the evil that shall inflict him, never to have release.

Pour in the vinegar:
This is to sour NN. This is to make his life turn from sweetness and joy to the bitterness of sorrow and despair.

Put in the garlic:
This is so that NN's life shall be filled with the unlawful stink, that Mars shall punish him severely.

Put in the cayenne pepper:
This is so that NN's life will be filled with strife and hatred. That evil shall always before him.

Put in the graveyard dirt:
This is the soil of NN's grave, because he is dying and soon he shall be dead!

Take the picture of your enemy. Concentrate on your hatred for this person. Put one pin in his head:
The first jinx is on his mind, that he shall loose it and go insane
(Put one in each eye)
The second and third jinx is on his eyes, that my enemy is blinded from truth and justice
(Put one in his mouth)
The fourth jinx is in his mouth, that my enemy shall no longer speak dreadful things nor lie nor hurt with his words
(Put the final one in his heart)
The fifth and final jinx is in his heart, that my enemy shall die!

My enemy NN. is entering his life, his evil life!
No joy shall he know, no love shall befall him
Indeed, only sorrow will he comprehend
Only harm shall befriend him
Hurt him! Injure Him! KILL NN!

Place the picture in the jar. Seal it up;
This seals his fate, NN is dead and gone.

Shake the jar violently, concentrating on all your hatred on your enemy:

It has begun, the beginning of his dreadful death.

The jar may be continued to be shaken for a couple days afterwards. Ultimately, it must be buried in a graveyard.