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An Equinox Affirmation

Irish Bard

Sep 16, 2021
I've been having fun with incantations and fidget spinners. The latest is something of a combined incantation and a celebration of the time of year. While reading the incantation I spun in a clockwise circle with the sun and moon (seemed appropriate) spinner extended in my right hand.

September tips past adolescence,
I plead the skies that I may know
Of day and night in perfect balance.

Autumn floods, summer flows.
We stand, one moment between
The waning light’s gentle glow.

Passion sun and patient rains
Bind together in my circle,
Broaden, beautify my horizons.

The world is ripe and ample.
Gifts on the fields and trees,
Pumpkin, Scarlet Purple

Harvest jewels feed my eyes,
Scent and flavour feed my soul.
I thank and praise the skies.

Attention, Action, I still, control.
Equilibrium in my essences,
Clashing colours, gentle, whole.


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Meme-y Tree Nymph
Apr 17, 2021
I love fall, if nothing else because it's the first gasp of relief from my region's brutal heat. Most people are about as shut inside by it as somebody up north is by winter cold.