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Another Spinner Ritual

Irish Bard

Sep 16, 2021
Really getting into these now - I might even compile a book (once I get my other two book projects and website finished! LOL)

This one is an incantation to ease dissociation, without losing oneself.

I call out to karmic kin,
Pebble seeking mountain.
Star adrift from galactic bond.
Magnetic reins binding clouds.
I call out alone, aloud

Feel electric nets, reaching roots.
Breath of all, feelings, thoughts.
Stars waltz in spirals, above, around.
Ecstasies, efforts of the choir,
Ringing throat each sigh and cheer.

Memory preserved in my merging
I harmonise, yet I sing.
The star's empire of worlds.
The pause and pulse, fed and felt
With core constrained, rhythm strict.