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[Archive] [Brother MOLOCH 969] A Simple Money Drawing Spell (For People Who Are Broke)

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.
This working is going to be blatantly simple for those who have little $$$ at their disposal because it makes little sense for someone who is broke or penniless to try and purchase $25+ worth of occult materials to do a money drawing spell when you can go to your kitchen cupboard and get the basics you need. The two things you may need to buy is some church style incense briquettes and a candle. The incense briquettes come foil wrapped and usually in amounts of 5 or 10 for a couple of dollars at any religious supplies store. I'll discuss more about the candles below. Everything else you can make.


Incense Burner: take an old tuna or cat food can and clean it by washing out the dried food. Then get either some sand or pebbles and fill it about 2/3 of the way up. When ready you need to break a briquette in half and hold it with some metal (NOT plastic) tongs. Use a lighter and set it aflame. Hold it in the tongs until it's finished sparking and starts to glow red hot. Blow on it so it starts to turn ashen color then gently and carefully place this on top of the sand or pebbles. When ready, you will put the incense on top of the ashen colored briquette piece.

Incense: 1 T brown sugar, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg, and 3 drops of vanilla flavoring. Mix well together in a small bowl. Take and form into small pellets about the size of an aspirin. You don't need much more than that. Let air dry. When ready to use simply place a pellet onto your ashen colored briquette in your home made incense burner. (Note: you may want to use your metal tongs for this since the briquette will be extremely HOT and can damage finger tissue if you're careless!)

Anointing oil: into a small dish, pour a teaspoon of canola oil and a drop of vanilla flavoring along with a tiny pinch of ground cinnamon. Take a very small amount of brown sugar, 1/16th of a teaspoon or thereabouts, and drop this into the oil and mix together as you pray over it. Pray for this oil to be transformed into a powerful attractor for money, prosperity and wealth production. When finished, set aside.

Candle: use a green candle if you can obtain one but if not, then use a white one as white has every color in the color spectrum in it. Depending on your budget, taper or votive candles are cheapest for occult workings. A 12" taper candle works well because you can notch the candle every inch to give 12 equal portions thus allowing you to time your spell should you so desire. You can usually find these at the dollar or discount department stores for a half a buck each. Wash and clean the candle with some soap and warm water after you have removed the film from it. Then run it under the cold water for about 30 seconds. Wipe clean with a fresh paper towel.

Invocation: the easiest to use is a Psalm 41 from the Bible but since so many of you are antithetic towards the Abrahamic literature, you can use the Hymn to Jupiter for this ritual if that suits you better. You will write the invocation out on paper by freehand. (Yes I can hear the groans. Stop sniveling and just DO IT! (No one is going to see your poor penmanship but you, all right?)

Timing: since we're going on the dirt cheap here to conserve money, we need to use every advantage we can take thus timing IS important. Begin this ritual only when the Moon is in its WAXING phase. (Note: I am not going to explain this to you since there are oodles of articles online that do a much better job of explaining what this is and how to time it properly so look it up!) You will begin this ritual on a Sunday, in the first hour of the day which means at the crack of dawn so haul your bid carcass out of bed an hour earlier, get yourself ready and get to work! Then you perform this ritual each and every day during the hour of the Sun. How do you know when this is? Look it up. The answer is here on this site or you can find it online. I'm not going to do your work for you nor is anyone else. Suffice to say the planets run in a regular rotation of:

Saturn -> Jupiter -> Mars -> Sun -> Venus -> Mercury -> Moon

in the above order, each and every day. You will time your ritual by performing it each day during the hour of the Sun. You need only perform it once a day even though the Sun's hour occurs more than once each day. Choose whichever hour is convenient.

Performing the Spell:

Prior to each of your workings, you will take a ritual bath/shower. As you shower, recite Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Then you will towel off and you can elect to do this ritual nude (i.e. skyclad) OR put on a clean, neutral colored gown or just something white. If you must, your white underwear & socks will work in a pinch.

Grasp the candle and notch it with 12 equal notches. (Use a ruler if you must or just eyeball it which is okay too.) Then dip your dominant hand's forefinger into the oil and holding the candle by the base, start at the middle and begin rubbing the oil onto the candle from the center to the wick. Do this while gently rotating the candle in your hand. When the top half of the candle is completely covered, turn it around and grasp it by the wick's end and re-dip your finger into the anointing oil and anoint from the center of the candle to its base again while rotating it in your hand until covered completely in oil. When finished, press the candle firmly into a metal (not wooden, plastic or glass all of which are dangerous for various reasons) candle holder.

(At this point it is prudent to use some sort of cleaning wipes to remove the oil from your hands since it has not only oil but also cinnamon in it which will burn your eyes if you forget its on your fingers and happen to rub your eyes by accident. Be forewarned!)

Hold your incense briquette and break in half. Place half in metal tongs and light carefully. Hold as explained previously and then set it on top of the incense burner. When ashen colored, place a pellet of the incense mixture onto it and let it smolder.

Stand and hold your candle in its holder before you and say to the east, "Attending spirits, I present this candle of power duly cleansed and dressed and I ask for you to consecrate it for my working." Bow by curtsying - slightly bend your knees and then stand erect once again. Then turn RIGHT, face west and repeat what you did and said in the east. Then turn LEFT to face north, repeat what you did and said in the east then turn RIGHT one final time and face south and repeat all you did in the east. When finished, your candle is ready to be lit. (Note: you only need to do this part of the ritual ONCE at this point in the very beginning. In succeeding rituals over the next 12 days you will skip this step.)

Now light your candle (yes you can use a lighter) and lay a photograph of yourself (face up) onto the table you are using for your working. Dip your finger into the oil and dab it onto your photograph. Then take a one dollar bill and anoint it with some of the oil as well. Lay this across your photograph. If you don't have a dollar bill, use some loose change and just lightly anoint one side of the coins with the oil and then lay them across your photo.

Stand and read the Psalm/Orphic Hymn to each of the Four Cardinal Directions. You can do this by starting in the east, then turn RIGHT and and reading it to the west, then turn LEFT and read it to the north and turn RIGHT once more and read it to the south. Now, after you read it once at each of the corners, you will clearly speak your financial woes and desires to have money come to you. Here is where you need to use some common sense and not merely ask for a dollar amount but also ask for a regular income so that you are never in this bad financial shape, ever again. When you are finished, thank the spirits at each corner and bow (as explained previously).

Allow the candle to burn to first notch then extinguish. It's proper to use a candle snuffer as pinching and blowing are considered rude to the spirits in candle burning lore. Then each day when you burn the candle, after the ritual is complete, allow the candle to burn to the next notch then extinguish. Use only a half of the briquettes for each working to conserve resources.

Here you are finished. You need to only repeat this spell each day in the planetary hour of the Sun. You will do this for the 12 full days until the candle is consumed. If you run out of pellets, simply make more. You can hang onto this dollar for future use in money spells so place it in an envelope and mark it as a ritual tool for money/prosperity spells. Same with your photograph.

May the ancestors and the Gods hear and bless you with abundant prosperity.

Peace, Power & Prosperity,

Brother Moloch 9.:6.:9.:


Apr 16, 2021
Start with the book spiritual warfare now if you have any more questions send me a message on Wf or start a new thread so me and other members could help you because this is way off topic


Apr 28, 2021
Please dont take what I say as an insult to you or any deity/God/god/entity that you devote yourself to-that said, thats not my intention:
Aside from Major entities(Christ/Yahweh/"Satan" as example), most spirits/entities/deities ARE NOT SHT without US. WE are what keep these entites alive. We are the only creatures on this planet that i know of, that were bestowed light that bridge us to the Monad(Luke 17:21). WE ARE the closes version of God within the material universe within these realms.

When we give devotion and sacrifice-we are pouring our light into it. Just having faith into them is giving light.

Dont get me wrong-I want to give life and light and resurect some of the gods, but I wont do so without reciprocity-especially now knowing the value of the light that was gifted to us.
Little synchrocities and finding pennies and quarters in the street isnt going to cut it.
Most minor entities within the material universe cant perform miracles anymore because people do not pour light into them for whatever reason or another. This is why it seems some deities have more agency than others.
The strongest entities (that still live on)dont actually fade into obscurity-they remanifest. See queztlcautl & SantaMuerte as example. Blood gods are some of tbe most wishy washy/gloom entities but their power to remanifest and manipulate the unverse came/comes from blood sacrifice-even to this day(again see SantaMuerte as example).

I can go on & on about what has been/being revealed to me.

This is why i shake my head and kinda scoff when i hear neophytes tell me that "you have to be chosen" by some of these deities. Im not denying the power-but it has to be addressed WHERE their power and ability to manipulate the realms come from.

A real King has no power without his people. When people lose faith in their king, the king looses large scal power to dictate his will.

TLDR- power of GOD within and many deities need that light for sustenance.
Definitely didn’t take it as an insult I respect your position.