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[Help] Hardware interfacing using Python as opposed to C

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Sep 9, 2021
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Hi all, í have a question on hardware interfacing in both C and Python.
1 I have a server that has an Arduino or some other circuít attached via USB data cable attached to a data port.
2 A breadboard or secondary circuit board is attached via another USB data cable or interface cable to an Arduino board.
3 Verilog, VHDL, or Arduino is the interface language being used for the attached circuit boards.
4 In C or Python, how do you assign a variable in hexadecimal to perform IO on the specific port address and perform read and write or bit setting on pinouts on the spare circuit board?

Preferably the answer will be in Python and Arduino. Essentially the overview is a modelling simulation that does real time CAD to etch a circuit based on current conditions for deploying space crafts and robotic vehicles.
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This is a personal project, not homework, although I am taking it up on myself to learn at an individual pace. I have basics of Python I am still working on, a basic grasp of circuit level languages including Intel assembly language, and a fair grasp of the C programming language to a minor basic level. So it's not a homework request.
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In C I would be using asm.h and system calls in the Unix OS, and using bitmap array structures to communicate with IO destination addresses
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Have found some resources on the Internet that reference exactly Python and Arduino. Will do my own research along with Unix system calls in C.
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Also found some resources on design of small spacecrafts and satellites. So I guess this can be closed as a self solution was found.
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