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I'm back!

Jun 27, 2021
Sorry sorry, my life latest months been chaos. Extremely intense spiritually and a lot of .....hardships..... With my kids and my Fiancè, gaaahhh.
And backstabbing friends.
But now I feel stronger than ever!!! Started to read Draconian Ritual book little more, the way they describe kundalini awakening was a "aha" experience, feel a lot going on right now and my spiritual dark guides draw me to so much new, It's a wonderful feeling but not got the whole pic yet. Try to meditate more but try that with "waaaahhhh mummy she hiiiiit me" etc all the time in the background 😏
Got some decent likeminded friends for once from fb 🤣 that feels great....
How is everything going here and any tip on how to keep my evolving thing at a roll here with kids,potential kundalini etc?!
I know it's my destiny with magick, but all these people in my life has no understanding and just disturbs my focus 😝
Hope you all doing fine.


Meme-y Tree Nymph
Apr 17, 2021
Glad you're doing alright! There's some tricks people have used to integrate magic and various practice into their daily lives. Charging your morning cup of coffee and making it into a little daily potion of sorts, or charging scented candles as something that looks completely mundane but is a passive thing you can use. I often like to use headphones with any sort of meditation or stuff that requires more focus, to block out external sound with some sort of calming white noise from online. I also take advantage of the woods around me for rituals whenever weather permits, because it's so much more private than my own house, unless it's one of those rare instances I'm actually home alone. Hope this all helps!

Also pro tip: Summer camps exist for a damn good reason, and some public schools have day camps/afterschool activities for free. ;)