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Looking for a "cut the shit" spell

Sep 13, 2021
Yes, but if your name has been dragged through nonexistent mud as mine has, it is me VS them.
Im not living for myself. I have family, one or two aging quickly, and all means of support doesnt come through me.
I have massive debt, and a couple batshit crazy exes who compiled lie after lie about me. I dont have proof, I just know, as it couldnt come from anyone else. I desire to support finacially and emotionally my Dad, and with the trash talk, it doesnt make my task easy at all.

So, I understand where youre coming from, but these kids and their parents all have a share in their word and act. Add that to a bunch of unexpected strangers pissed at me for some reason .... well, maybe I should direct this spell at myself first. I do have problems and secrets as anyone else, and well, I want to be above the situation, so yes ... maybe cast it on myself to start, and speak no lie about anyone.
One of the most difficult things I can see happening and this goes well beyond what you’re enduring, is the cognitive dissonance that has permeated our culture.

It isn’t about what’s real to many people. It’s about what’s comfortable, or what’s associated with someone’s values or beliefs.

This makes it really complex for people who think objectively to convey ideas or facts to people who think subjectively. I have struggled with very similar problems as you’ve explained here. The frustration you feel isn’t a foreign concept to me at all. I feel you.

So you can’t make a horse drink, but you can lead it to water. If you tell the horse there is water somewhere it may find it, it may not. But if you lead a horse to water, it’s his to discover. So what I’m suggesting is that you can speak your facts, but leave it to be gently discovered by your audience. While your conclusions may be a hard pill for some to swallow, the facts needed for them to come to the same conclusions at their own pace may well serve you.

And use some magick to let your information cross the eyes of those who need to see