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Magicians that suck at their job, or for new magicians


Apr 16, 2021
Everyone is susceptible to some degree of sensations that occur as a result of energies in an area. Some more than others. You’ll get an odd feeling, like something is off. Or it may be more specific than that and come along with an attached emotion. Symptoms of this include:
  • A difference in the “weight” of the air; it might feel heavy or light.
  • Change of temperature.
  • Sudden stillness.
  • Goosebumps or the sensation of energy flowing up/down your spine.
The very act of being more aware of these cues helps develop your clairvoyance.
Dec 2, 2021
I could be flawed counsel when I say that... you would probably be in a bad mood around them. Whenever I am around individuals of shallowness or viciousness of varying degrees, I do not feel "good." Even when I am not outright "miserable," I am definitely not apathetic and I have this existential dread sensation or unease.