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[Opinion] Mirth: A Pre-Easter Joke

Everyone's got one.


Aug 17, 2023
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So, there at Billy Bob's Beer & Brisket in Crackerass, GA the boys were sippin' brews one Tuesday afternoon. Of a sudden, in walks Jesus His Risen Self. Walking up to a blind boozer, He says, "See!" Ray-Bans falling to floor, the man shouts, "I kin see! I kin see!" Moving on to ol' Deaf Doug, Jesus says, "Hear!" And Doug says, "Lordy be praised! I hear clearer than a bell!" Coming next to Vick the Vet who lost a leg to an RPG in Eye-rack, Jesus grows the lost limb right back. Arrived at last at long bar's end, He----BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! And a burly CCW-permit holder stands over the fallen Risen Savior with smoking Desert Eagle. "What 'n Hell's name, Nate Bedford," bellers the bartender. "You done kilt Jesus!" The other holsters sidearm and glowers back: "It took me sixteen long months to qualify. Ain't NO ONE f****** with my Worker's Comp!"