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Poltergeist activity during your workings or caused by our practice share some of your experiences :-)

The God-King

Apr 20, 2021
Like what @Mart mentioned, the most basic go to stuff is alcoholic beverages, incense and oils. Sometimes specific stones or precious metals aligned to the entity you want to connect with. It does boil down to working relationship In which you build up a connection overtime. I have a simple laymans guide in the LHP section of the forum. TGK tho is the man to talk to as he is the most well versed practitioner in Grimior Tradition. Im more of a @Scottish_Pride type of practitioner that needs to Macguyver most of my workings hahaha.
Thank you kind sir! As for what spirits are interested in....that is largely up to them but there are some general things they ask for. As has already been mentioned they like alcohol. I find they tend to specifically like Rum, especially the dead and the spirits or deities that govern the dead. Tobacco smoke is a big one. Blood is also a big one but I would caution against using your own blood as it can and will create a connection to you. Blood is life, hate to use a biblical reference but it's kinda true. Give a spirit you blood and it has access to you and your energy fields always. I would use animal blood unless you really know what you're doing. I've also given food to spirits such as pies or cakes or honey. Other spirits just want attention and their name spread out so other occultists can work with them and feed/venerate them as well.
Apr 17, 2021
If you want to draw energy/entities to a singular point, then spirals work especially great. They're like magnets. You can choose any number of sacred geometry arrangements like pentagrams, circles, triangles etc. and suppliment that with sigils of any entity or power you might want to borrow for added oopmh (for example one of the main Saturnine archetypes is binding) and then have something like a binding spell written out around it, to enforce the desired effect. I don't know much about traditional spirits and whatnot, just a little bit of basic general theory. ;)
Yeah I read a lot about spirals in the Exorcist's Handbook. Another bit of info I've gotten from a few sources before, is that Celtic knotwork is supposed to work in the same way on spirits, with that endless loopy pattern going on. Never tried it for that purpose before, though.