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That Time the Devil Went Down to Devon


Meme-y Tree Nymph
Apr 17, 2021
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So absolutely no confirmation that it was really the devil, but I thought that would be a catchy title. But the story goes that after a huge snowstorm in 19th century England, people of the east and south Devon area woke up the next morning to find mysterious cloven-hoofed tracks in the snow. For miles and miles upon miles around, no human prints or that of other animals in sight. Only same cloven hoofprints were found, and they were everywhere. Except the tracks were in places that no random goat or other known animal could've accessed, something all the locals quickly agreed about. The prints were found on high rooftops, in privately walled-off gardens, etc. And many times, they would just stop at a large solid object, then continue without a thing in between. Some people tried to get together and follow the tracks they found, but said tracks would always just randomly disappear after a while.

Many theories have come about since, and most of em are pretty damn absurd, but all don't quite fit every parameter as a possible source. Of course there were people claiming the devil came down to Devon, but then there's been kangaroo speculations (wouldn't make sense because of the walking pattern and the unlikeliness that a mass kangaroo stampede took place in England), human pranksters using balloons with hoof-stamps tied to them, (implausible because no balloon could leave tracks so even and animal-like every single time), and so many other weird explanations.

Whether y'all think it's anything otherworldly or not, I just thought I'd share this very intriguing fun fact that you might get a kick out of today. Any ideas you can think of yourself, feel free to share.