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The Consciousness of Light


Jun 8, 2021
Hello everyone!!! and welcome, tonight I will be posting something I posted on a blog from another forum I was going to before I realized you guys existed. So with that said, let us get started...

Before I post anything, let me just say that all the information you are about to read came to me by The Universe, or The Divine Light Him/HerSelf. I really don't know exactly, but from my experiences, and looking at the many Appearances, and Landscapes that This Amazing Light can be, He/She has me convinced. Therefore, My heart is telling, that The Divine Light Speaks the truth.

Let us Begin....

In the beginning there was no Universe, and everything was very void and pitch-black dark. Until an Essence made of Light, emerged from the darkness. This wonderful Essence of Light was very much conscious of Itself, and very much alive. Actually, this Consciousness of Light knew who It really was and also knew that It was powerful. Therefore this Consciousness of Light's real form, was and is made out of a giant radiant Orb of Light which covers the whole darkness. This amazing Light didn't have any specific form, shape, or size other than the one I have just described. Unfortunately this wonderful Consciousness made out of Light, was and is very much alone in the Cosmos. Thus It decided to play a game with Itself, the Light started to create multiple Universes, and layers upon layers of Dimensions. Nevertheless this beautiful Consciousness of Light, decided to multiply Itself into Stars, Suns, Moons, and Planets, including Earth. Last, the Light decided to make as multiple appearances of Itself as possible, and that includes Humans, Extraterrestrials, Gods, Goddesses, Animals, Stones and Minerals and any other objects, and subjects. In the end, this Lovely Consciousness of Light, planned this ahead before It began with the process. Now in The Universe time does not exist, and you must remember that we live in the present moment which is "Now." In fact, yesterday is no longer yesterday because it does not exist, and tomorrow does not exist neither. Nonetheless, we perceive that as such because we are made to believe that time exist. The Universe, The Source, and the Consciousness of Light, had created everything in the blink of an eye. For example: we are to believe that Earth was built thousands of years ago, but the thing is that it was built (as some say) yesterday. In other words, in the Here and Now. You see, this is a game that This Consciousness of Light is playing to test It's powers, (not just on us) but on other worldly Beings. However, this game will be coming to an end soon. When The Source reach It's cycles, we will return to the Light and we will be vast amount of Energy floating around in the Cosmos.

The Game

This magnificent Consciousness of Light, wanted and still is playing a game in which this Consciousness chose to forget whenever He/She has physical appearances, and as well as Spiritual appearances. At the same time, The Light played the role of God the Creator. On the contrary, this Consciousness had no specific names to be called. Therefore before It began adding names like Lucifer and Jesus for example, The Universe thought of those many names before It could create, and also The Universe created scenarios and made up stories, myth, and legends just to hide that in reality It was The Consciousness of Light playing with Itself. For example: when we see a UFO or have encounters with Jesus, or even Lucifer as well, we either get scared, or be surprised, but again It is The Universe who surprises Itself during the time He/She is in It's physical forms. However, when The Universe leaves It's physical form behind, It will remember where He/She comes from, but yet The Universe have to continue on learning in order to reach It's highest Dimensions. Also, after It finish with the learning process, The Universe could decide to create another Universe or decide to Reunite with Its Essence. On the other hand, The Universe chooses to express Itself in so many ways Even though the most powerful thing the Universe has is the power of Love. However, The Universe has a dark side as well, but all because It knows Itself so much that He/She can do whatever He/She wants. As I stated before, there is going to be an end to all of this creation, and the reason for that is that The Consciousness of Light want to rest in entirely. The reason for this is because is getting to the point where the Universe is just tired of playing this game. What is stopping It from causing havoc? is the power of Love. He/She will do it in due time, and It will return back to where It started. Now, how do I know this for sure? because I communicate with The Universe daily, and I've gained a lot of wisdom from The Consciousness of Light. Yes, it does speak if It wants to.

We are One

We are all One with this amazing Consciousness of Light, and it is wonderful that we were created to be among The Universe. I hope you understand, that we have a greater purpose in life and it is to teach others that we are the same Universe altogether. Within each and everyone of us lies an Energy of Light. Meaning, that we are sparks of that Intelligence of Light. Without a doubt, I know that what I am saying is the absolute truth, but don't take my word for it, but find it within yourself. Ask for the Universe to be your Spiritual Guide, like He/She is to me. Even though, The Universe has a dark side. In the end The Universe expresses Love to It's creations, and wishes to harm none of us when the time comes. I hope I have opened up your minds a bit, and I am not trying to convince you of anything, this is just my own perspective and what I have gained from The Universe Itself. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them on the comment area. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Spiritual Journey.