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Zi Dingir


Sep 27, 2021
I got Francois Lenormant's Chaldean Magic today. Wish I had gotten it twenty years ago :ROFLMAO: Just in the first few pages that I've read so far I am nodding and "aha!-ing" all the time.

In the first incantation he gives, every section ends with "Spirit of the heavens conjure it! Spirit of the earth conjure it!".
This is of course the Necronomicon's Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa! Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!. But I thought this was translated as "Spirit of the heavens remember".

So I looked up the Sumerian and was unable to find the word Kanpa. Couldn't find Zi either.

But I could find this:
Se = call
Digir = deity
Kan = gate
Pa e = appear

So it seems "conjure" makes much more sense (gate + appear) than "remember".
Shame the book only has the translations in English and not the (phonetic) originals.

Se Digir Anna Kan Pae! Se Digir Kia Kan Pae!