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Your Ultimate Goal

Pestifer Mundi

Magic Larper
Aug 12, 2021
Question is, whatcha gonna do different, when so many hundreds of alchemists tried and failed throughout history?
I don't know that yet, there's so much knowledge I don't have yet for me to even think about what I'll do differently. I need to have a proper understanding of a "starting point" for me to know what to do next.

What I do know is that all those many alchemists of the past didn't live in an information age like I do and in an era where you can order virtually any substance or tool you need and have it personally delivered to you.

The downside of this era is that the occult is not taken seriously and there's an overabundance of information so you can get lost in the deluge.

The upside of this era is that if you personally take the occult seriosuly and you can find the right information, you'll have access to more resources than the occultists of the past did.


Aug 29, 2021
1. To gain knowledge
2. to have control over my afterlife.
3. to ascend spiritually and escape the cycle of death and reincarnation